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Sandi Frasher's mandevilla

Sandi Frasher's mandevilla





Sandi Frasher of Marion, Iowa, sent in this photo of her mandevilla. Sandi says through investigation on the web, she decided it must be a Sun Parasols mandevilla.  It was in a 12 inch hanging basket when she purchased it. 

“I went out and got a much bigger pot and a 4 foot trellis for it to grow on,” she said. “With

a little persuasive training it’s climbed the trellis beautifully.  It has bloomed profusely all summer long and should up until frost. Needless to say, it’s been a real bright spot for us this summer.”


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    Ron Barbercheck said,

    We have a mandevilla that we wintered over indoors. The plant is doing very well and is a growing mode but is not budding or blooming. Is there something we should do to encourage blooming. Thanks for any help.

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