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The hardest thing to raise

      The following post is by Master Gardener Ellen Skripsky:   

      Now that we have sprung forward with our clocks, we should be ready to spring into spring.  However, for some of us, springing up (from our knees) in the garden can be challenging.  

     Ergonomics is the study of how tools can be adapted to fit the needs of people, including gardeners.    Manufacturers have taken a closer look at common garden tools and redesigned them to keep an individual’s body in a neutral position while working.  This lessens the stress on joints and muscles and allows gardeners to work longer while exerting less energy.  Fairly new on the market, and a must for the beginner or experienced gardener, ergonomic garden tools are designed based on comprehensive research and extensive interviews.  They can be purchased at garden centers, through catalogs, gift shops with garden items and via the Internet. 

           Ergonomic Pruners feature non-slip ergonomic handles and a thumb control blade lock for one-handed operation.  The blades are angled at 30 degrees to they don’t need to be twisted while cutting.

         Ergonomic Trowels typically have large, soft handles with extra padding to reduce strain on the hands and arm muscles.

        Ergonomic Rakes are redesigned to reduce the strain on the back.  The contour handle appears to have been stepped on and bent, and allows the gardener a more comfortable stance, with less bending.

       Bionic Garden Gloves were designed by a surgeon, and these leather gloves incorporate additional padding for the thumb, fingers and palm.  Velcro closures allow the glove a snug fit.

      Double Knee Cushions are made of a molded polyurethane pad that supports and cradles the knees, eliminating any pain.

      A Kneeling Bench is great for weeding and planting; you can then use the handles to raise yourself to your feet without as much strain.  Turn it over and it becomes a sturdy bench to rest on.

  We think of the human body as a machine that wears out from constant use.  Actually, the body stays in condition and ages more slowly with exercise such as gardening and with the use of ergonomic tools.  As an anonymous gardener once said, “The hardest thing to raise in my garden are my knees.”     

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