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What’s your favorite farmers market?

Old Market - Omaha, Nebraska

One of my favorite memories of a childhood trip to Georgia was my mom getting me to try a peach she had purchased at a roadside stand. Juicy and incredibly sweet, it was nothing like the bland store-bought peaches we could find at grocery stores in Iowa.


That’s one of the great things about fresh produce. In and of itself, it’s tastier and healthier just on its own. No need to add anything. Gardeners understand this. I can’t eat supermarket tomatoes after having eaten them fresh out of my garden.  That’s why farmers markets are so wonderful. Everything is fresh and even if you have your own garden, there is bound to be something different at the farmers market.


The Old Market area of Omaha, Neb., shown in the photo, has a great ambience for farmers markets, with old shops, wonderful restaurants and street musicians.  Is it possible to create something like that here?


Eastern Iowa has some excellent farmers markets that are listed in a new tab on this blog for reference throughout the season. The list will  be printed in the Sunday, April 27, edition of The Gazette.


We’d also like to know what your favorite farmers market is. Is it here in Iowa, or elsewhere? What do you like about it? Let us know by adding your comments.



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