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Winter Gardening Fair

More on the Winter Gardening Fair that appeared in today’s (Jan. 23) Gazette.  Melinda Myers, host of the PBS show, “Great Lakes Gardener,” has a handout with a list of more than 150 annuals, perennials and other plants that attract birds and/or butterflies. A sampling of her suggestions that have double power – beneficial for both birds and butterflies – follow:  Annuals: begonia, cosmos, nicotiana; Perennials: bee balm (monarda), columbine, gayfeather (liatris); Shrubs: azalea, butterfly bush, lilac; Trees: crabapple, plum, redbud; Vines: morning glory, scarlet runner bean. 

Melinda will have more examples at the fair on Feb. 2 at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids.

An added note: a new book by Myers will especially interest Iowa gardeners. It’s called Month-by-Month Gardening in Iowa. The book will be available beginning Feb. 1 at major bookstores, including Barnes & Noble, and online at

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