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Winter Gardening – part II

The following is Part II of information on the Winter Gardening Fair 2009 by Linn County Master Gardener, Becki Lynch:


One week closer to the Fair!  I want to highlight some of the topics and speakers we are offering this year. 


First, we have numerous repeats of seminars about those beautiful perennials and other plants and trees that some could not get into last year – Daylilies, Lawns, Garden Lighting, Hillside Gardening, Pruning Trees and Shrubs, Ornamental Grasses, Using Herbs, Composting, and Prairie Gardens are just a few.


Second, we’ve added additional seminars specifically about Vegetable Gardening, a topic people requested last year in our evaluations.  Vegetable Gardening Problems and Solutions, Tomatoes, Peppers, and Salsa, Food Preservation, and The Kitchen Garden are all available.


Third, we’ve added a variety of new seminars that range from Bee Keeping, Tree Identification, Rain Gardens, House Plants, Tropical Plants, and Ponds, Gardening with Kids, to Everlastings – to name a few – Whew!


And finally, we have hands-on seminars that allow you to learn and participate directly in making garden related items:   The Garden Journal, Plant Propagation, Creating Nosegays, Terra Cotta Fountains, and Toad Houses are all examples.


And that’s not all – I urge all of you to go to to look at all the offerings available.   Simply click on Winter Gardening Fair on that page to see the full program, and instructions on how to register.


Overall, we have a selection of over 45 individual seminars, something for everyone!  The Fair will be held on February 7, 2009, with a back-up date of February 21, just in case of bad weather.  Hope to see you there!


Linn County Master Gardener, Becki Lynch.

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Rain garden workshop


    The Linn County Conservation Department is hosting a workshop on rain gardens on Thursday, October 23, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Wickiup Hill Outdoor Learning Center near Toddville.  Learn how to build a rain garden and how it may fit into your landscape plan. 

    Wayne Petersen, director of urban conservationist programs, will provide information on developing rain gardens.  A rain garden is a flower bed built in a depression or a shallow bowl designed to capture water. Capturing runoff in a rain garden allows water to infiltrate into the soil rather than running into streams, helping to protect the streams.

    Cost: $2.50/ adult, $1/child 16 and under or $5/family.

   Wickiup Hill is at 10260 Morris Hills Road, Toddville. Call (319) 892-6485 for more information.


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Rain gardens

Presented by:  Lucy Hershberger Forever Green Inc.

Sat. September 6th 10 am

Rain gardens are gardens designed with a purpose: they reduce runoff into our rivers and streams, which reduces pollution and flooding.  Participants will learn what a rain garden is, how it works, and how to determine the location, size and best plants to use in their rain garden. 


The near record rainfalls we had this year demonstrated the need to manage surface runoff  help reduce flash flooding and pollution in our rivers and streams.  Rainfall used to be absorbed into the ground as it fell. Now roads, parking areas and buildings channel water and the pollutants it carries into storm sewers that drain directly into streams and rivers.  Rain gardens can absorb most rainfalls and reduce these problems while enhancing the appearance of your yard. 


Lucy Hershberger, Forever Green Inc., will show you how you can plant a rain garden that will help reduce the runoff problem.  This hands-on seminar will offer participants an opportunity to see a rain garden under construction, learn what a rain garden is, how it works, and how to determine the location, size and best plants to use in their rain garden.


Location:  Forever Green Garden Center  

125 Forevergreen Rd. Coralville, Iowa


For information contact:

Lucy Hershberger Forever Green Inc.

319-626-6770 or e-mail

This event is free to the public.

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