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Food pantries

   Something has been missing from my summer.

   One of the highlights I enjoyed during past growing seasons was taking my extra produce to a food pantry.

   Loaves & Fishes in Cedar Rapids was one of the places I liked to take my garden overruns of tomatoes, cucumbers or whatever else I grew faster than my family could consume.

   The satisfaction of knowing someone would enjoy the fruits of my labor and at least one healthy meal was often the high point of my week. The smiles and thanks from the volunteers and the folks who lined up to get the food was humbling.

   This year, either I figured out how to limit the number of plants growing in my garden or it just hasn’t been a high-yield summer. With 12 pepper plants, I should have three or four dozen peppers, at least. So far, I’ve picked one. Not one dozen. Just one. The same is true for many other things I planted.

  Even if this has not been a bumper year for my garden, maybe it has been for yours. Don’t let your veggies go to waste.


Following is a list of area food pantries or organizations that have in the past accepted fresh garden produce. I haven’t checked with all of them since this summer’s floods, and I know some of them were affected by flooding, so please call ahead first. If you know of other food pantries that accept garden produce or if you know one of the following no longer needs it, please add a comment below.


Cedar Rapids


Catholic Worker House, 1027 Fifth Ave. SE, (319) 362-9041

Green Square Meals, 400 Fourth Ave. SE, (319) 241-3448

Loaves & Fishes, 1251 Third Ave. SE, (319) 366-7185

Mission of Hope, 1537 First Ave. SE, (319) 362-5559

St. Vincent de Paul, 928 Seventh St. SE, (319) 365-5091

Salvation Army, 1000 C Ave. NW, (319) 364-9131

Waypoint, 318 Fifth St. SE, (319) 365-1458

Willis Dady Emergency Shelter, 1247 Fourth Ave. SE, (319) 362-7555


Surrounding area


Churches of Marion Pantry, 802 12th St., Marion, (319) 377-7309

Crisis Center Food Bank, 1121 Gilbert Ct., Iowa City, (319) 351-0128

North Liberty Food and Clothing Pantry, 85 N. Jones Blvd., (319) 626-2711

Camp Courageous, Monticello, (319) 465-5916.

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