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Deja vu (but no record)

It was just a week ago that I tried to look at the bright side of our snowy spring (March 28 – Say it isn’t snow!) Once again, looking out at a white lawn this morning, I was hopeful that this late-season snow might hold some meaning.

But apparently, we still haven’t set a record. KCRG-TV9 meteorologist Josh Baynes told me this morning that Cedar Rapids still has more than 2 inches to go to beat the record snow of 62.4 inches that fell in 1959-1960. Last night’s snowfall  officially measured as only a trace, leaving the city at 59.9 inches for the season. Iowa City, which didn’t get any measurable snow yesterday, has even more to go. Their record is 75.3 inches and the city has had 61.1 inches this year.

The daylillies, tulips and other plants that have finally emerged should still be OK, but plants that were about to bloom might have suffered from this latest round of cold.

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Longing for lungwort

mar30143.jpg  Ahh… our first taste of spring finally came, on the last day of March. Our KCRG meteorologist said the last time we reached 64 degrees was Nov. 19. It’s been a long time coming.

By this time last year, I had tulips, hyacinth and this pretty pink-to-blue pulmonaria in bloom. A look at the lungwort this weekend wasn’t as inspiring, as it was still somewhat encased in an icy mass. Still, it’s nice to remember how spring feels and know that it’s finally in reach, despite another spritzing of snowfall today.

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