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Hosta lovers alert!


Hosta - Guacamole

Hosta - Guacamole

Hosta lovers won’t want to miss a talk by Bob Solberg on Saturday, Oct. 4 at the Coralville Public Library, 1401 5th St., sponsored by the Harshbarger Hosta Society. 


Bob has introduced more than 50 hostas to date and has plans to add five or so to that number each year. His speech,  “Hostas the past 10 years,” will be 1-4 p.m.

   ‘Guacamole’, introduced in 1994 and Hosta of the Year in 2002 is probably his best known cultivar and is probably in your garden.

  ‘Orange Marmalade’ PP#16,742 is his first patented hosta and destined for a wide distribution.  ‘Corkscrew’, ‘Ginsu Knife,’ ‘Baby Blue Eyes,’ ‘Coconut Custard,’ ‘Cracker Crumbs,’ ‘Barbara May’ and ‘One Man’s Treasure’ are some of his other introductions.

   Bob has been very active in the American Hosta Society, serving as editor of the Hosta Journal, the principle publication of the American Hosta Society, (1988-1990) and Vice-President for the Genus Hosta,

(1998-2001). He was the recipient of the 2003 Alex J. Summers Distinguished Merit Award.

   Bob is a nationally known lecturer on the subject of hostas and author of many articles on hostas. He has edited the “Green Hill Gossip” for the past 13 years and the “Gossip Jr.”, a twice yearly subscription newsletter since 2004. When the hostas are up and glowing in the garden you may find him on the road, bringing hostas and hosta stories to a town near you.

   For questions, contact Judi Pohorsky at (319) 396-6116.

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