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It’s SUMMER!!! (just click here)

Silly me. I invited the Cedar Rapids City Council and the Golf Course Task Force to take a look at the city gardens and prairie land near Squaw Creek Park in the middle of February.

Right now, the view would be similar to what we’re seeing everywhere: snow, snow and more snow. And even though all the school snow days are getting a bit old,  my 10-year-old son took advantage of one of them to come up with a slideshow, showing scenes from our leased city garden from summers past. 

To remember what summer is like, just click below.

see slideshow here


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City gardens

Temperatures may hover below freezing, but I know spring is close at hand. That’s because the renewal notice for my city garden plot recently arrived in the mail. The 20-by-50-foot land is where I’ll spend the majority of my time throughout the spring, summer and early fall, if not physically, at least in spirit.

 Gardeners who leased a Cedar Rapids plot at Ellis, Squaw Creek and Tuma parks  last year can renew the gardens from Feb. 11 to Feb. 22. Unclaimed garden plots – I’m told there are sometimes a few at Ellis and Tuma – are available to the public beginning March 3.

For $20, it’s plenty of land to grow a variety of your favorite vegetables (and flowers!) or as some gardeners do, put it all in one crop, such as sweet corn. Gardeners must go to the Ambroz Recreation Center, 2000 Mount Vernon Rd. SE, to reserve the plots. Ambroz is open 8-5, Monday through Friday.

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