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Mission: Bonus corn and Jube Jels

Late January is good for two things: buying seeds before the best varieties sell out, and finding the elusive Jube Jel cherry hearts, which are only available around Valentine’s Day.  I struck out on both this weekend. Besides the addictive candy, I was on a search for Bonus corn seed, also known as “baby” corn, the variety used in stir fry. My friend Marlene, our much-missed former ag reporter, told me about the corn a few years ago and got me hooked.

Because baby corn must be harvested while the ears are tiny, there’s less chance the raccoons, or worms, will get to it before you do. For some reason, I haven’t seen the seed this year in catalogs and the stores I checked don’t carry it. I did find some good news for fans of heirloom plants. Earl May in Cedar Rapids will be carrying 65 seed varieties this year of vegetables, herbs and flowers from Seed Savers in Decorah.

Now, if anyone knows where to find Bonus corn, drop me a line. I’m probably better off without the Jube Jels.

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