Flood plants

    During the Depression, Julie Gladfelder’s father always found something beautiful for his wife to look at, whether it was something he traded for, or found in the timbers. “It was so there would be something encouraging,” Gladfelder said. “It was such a bleak time.”

    Gladfelder, of Cedar Rapids, knows that Iowa flood victims are going through their own bleak times.

    She and Sheri Mealhouse of Cedar Rapids decided to offer something encouraging for those flood victims. The two started a program called Neighbor to Neighbor Sharing Plants.

    So far, they have given away nearly 180 houseplants to flood victims. The two will expand to offer free perennials to flood victims in the spring.

    Gladfelder said about 20 people have contributed houseplants, including jade, spider plants, African violets and more.  The two welcome donations, especially when outdoor plants will be needed next spring.

   More on their efforts will be published in The Gazette.

   If you’d like to donate or know a flood victim who would like a plant, leave a message below or send an email to me at: cindy.hadish@gazcomm.com


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  1. 1

    Jean said,

    May a place as far as DesMoines be acceptable? I will be glad to make a trip out of this as I have friends in Hiawatha and Kalona areas. I will have some to spare (still building up my place, quite slow process) in spring. Maybe I could get my group of MG involved as a small private personl project?

  2. 2

    Cindy said,


    That is very kind of you. I’ll make sure Julie and Sheri see your message so they can make arrangements with you.


  3. 3

    Sheri Mealhouse (Hawkwoman) said,

    Hi Jean,

    Cindy forwarded your response to her blog to me. Thank you, Cindy, for the wonderful write up on Neighbor to Neighbor Sharing Plants and your expanded article that your editor put on the front page of The Gazette on this Monday, December 29. Great Job!

    Jean, if you are willing to make a trip, we welcome your donations and will keep in touch with you when the time comes in the spring to match up what you have to people affected by the floods. Please e mail me at: hawkwoman@vhighline.net, with your contact information, and we will get you on a list to contact you in the spring. Or if you wish to call, I can be reached at (319) 362-1751. I am looking forward to hearing back from you.

    Sheri Mealhouse (Hawkwoman)

  4. 4

    Brenda McDole said,

    Hi, ladies! You are doing a great service. Unfortunately, you are not making a big enough noise with 211 (United Way) and the Extension Service… the people there could not find you for us about 3 weeks ago when we were trying to find you. They weren’t even aware of what I was talking about. Today I saw a 2 sentence reference on KGAN which sent me to Google or I still wouldn’t have found you.

    My husband, LLoyd, divided his hosta and, having no where else to go with them, offered them for free to passers-by. He had a fine experience in that the recipients were very appreciative. But he would have much rather have shared them with you. Now that we have your names, e-mail and phone number, when he has more, he will call. Thanks again for what you are doing. Brenda McDole, 700 W. 8th Ave, Marion 377-5676

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