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An Iowan is in the running for Agriculture Secretary. Following is a petition from sustainable agriculture advocates:

We’re in the final run for Ag Secy.  Unfortunately, two Monsanto men are near the top of the list.   Below is a link to a simple petition with four candidates that have been endorsed by leading food and farm people.  Could you sign it and send it on in your circles?  Our only hope is many voices together.

As a society at large, we have lost the connection between food, water, air and health. Food, our vital resource of nutrition and energy, our basic component of health and vigor, has largely become, a processed, fungible commodity. For the most part, we have lost our regional food systems and economies, and in the last century, we have lost 97% of our food species along with 90% of our farmers. Biological diversity is not an abstract concept. It is life itself: the life of people, nature, and our planet. A high price is being paid with the health of our people and the health of our natural environment. Doing nothing will increase the distance and disconnections between food and health, the disjointing separation between eater and producer, the steady increase in food-related preventable diseases and the continued deterioration of our planet’s greatest treasures; biological diversity and healthy ecosystems. 
We need a Secretary of Agriculture who understands the health and environmental impacts of food production and who will work with both sustainable agriculture and industrial agriculture to create a secure food system based on:
1) Regional food systems
2) Renewable energy based farming systems
3) Human nutritional needs
4) Health to consumers, land and the environment.
Please add your voice to the petition below encouraging President-Elect Obama to consider a Sustainable Choice for our next Secretary of Agriculture.
Atina Diffley, Organic FarmingWorks





From Dave Murphy of  Clear  Lake :
We would like to invite to sign this live petition effort to encourage President-Elect Obama to consider a Sustainable Choice for our next Secretary of Agriculture.
The letter is at:
Time is of the essence…
Within the next few days President-Elect Obama will be naming one of the most important posts in his cabinet — our next Secretary of Agriculture. For those of us who care about the environment, sustainability, healthy food, animal welfare and creating  local food systems, NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT. 
A groundswell of grassroots support is needed to encourage President-Elect Obama to nominate a Secretary who will bring sustainable change to the United States Department of Agriculture.
A grassroots effort has taken flight.

We invite you to JOIN US in this grassroots effort by signing this live letter advocating a Sustainable Choice for the next Secretary of Agriculture. 

Current signers to this letter include Rick Bayless, Michael Pollan, Wendell Berry, Marion Nestle, Bill McKibben, Wes Jackson, Catherine Sneed and Alice Waters among many others.

Please join them by once again casting your vote for change by supporting a Sustainable Choice for our next Secretary of Agriculture. 

Help make this type of change possible by signing this letter. Our work has only begun.

PLEASE SIGN this letter at:

And then FORWARD to all your friends.

As you may know that this effort has appeared in numerous blogs, including Grist, Salon and in the New York Times online:








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  1. 1

    Hey, I JUST posted an entry about signing this petition on my blog. I am really glad that other people are supportive and passionate about this subject. Come check me out if you ever have the time, I feel like you might like what you find…

    Hope to hear from you..


  2. 2

    Steve Hanken said,

    Initially there was a petition to keep Vilsack out of this position because of his love of genetically altered crops and a true believer of Monsantos sales pitches. It came from organic petetioners and this was considered a positive move. Now it seems the next in line is Peterson from Minnesota, another of like mind and still not even close to what we need for Sec’t of Agriculture. The state of agriculture needs to have a view much larger than the corporate model which turns states like Iowa into industrial farming equal to a mining operation. The same sort of operations that give those who don’t live here the gold, while those who do get the shaft. So while the inefficent business of alcohol production goes on we lose our ground water to these distilleries that turn corn the rest of the world finds to dangerous to buy for food, those in the corporate headquarters will continue to make money while the food supply continues to shrink. If there ever was a time that required better consideration for this office the time is now. Steve Hanken

  3. 3

    Dave Murphy said,

    Thanks so much for posting this. We’re obviously trying to get the word out that
    Americans must stand up and demand Sustainable Change!

    So far nearly 30,000 Americans have signed on for a Sustainable USDA!

    And yes, we’re based in Iowa.

  4. 4

    mmm said,

    “Canned” petitions are suspect of motives of the people pushing them and should never be signed. Only the ignorant and stupid sign them.

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