Potting shed playhouse


Jeannene Lacy's potting shed

Jeannene Lacy's potting shed






Jeannene Lacy sent photos of her new potting shed outside her home in Hiawatha. Her cousin, Bob Jennings of Cedar Rapids, is a carpenter and built the shed earlier this spring.

“I always wanted a playhouse when I was a kid,” she said. “I’m retired now, but I finally got one.”  


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    Vicki said,

    Hi Cindy,

    The exterior of your potting shed is really cute. I would love to see photos of the inside! My boyfriend recently moved a small shed onto his property, and tonight he told me I can do anything with it I want, so I am searching the Internet for ideas to make it a his/her potting shed. I have lots of ideas, but they are really feminine ones. I am going to TRY not to get carried away with the girliness so my David can enjoy the shed as well. 🙂 I’m glad you finally got the playhouse that you deserve!



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