Flood heartache

The following, from Linn County Master Gardener Claire Smith, describes the heartache that many Iowans are experiencing as they recover from devastating floods:  


     I found a penny today.  It was face-up, so I picked it up because I’m told that is a sign of good luck.  I gave it to my friend and wished him well.  And then we went back to filling a dumpster with possessions from his flooded home.

    The baby book, wedding, and family photos went out with the couch and recliner. Wet books were swollen so much we couldn’t remove them from the book case.   Our boots and gloves were smeared with greasy goo.  The stench was indescribably offensive.  We trekked in and out;  in and out, “ Save this?”  “Throw this away?”  “Let that dry out.”

    There just are no words to explain the level of devastation this flood created.  We have friends who may not have a job to return to.  A friend’s father, sister and mother-in-law all lost their homes.  

   But we rescued a plant today.  It was given to our friend by her grandmother when she was considerably younger.  It will get a good bath tonight.  It will survive.  In time, we will all survive.  I hope you can find time to help someone who is hurting even if it is only to find a penny and wish them well.



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