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Earth Expo music fest

This message is from S.E.E.D.:

Dear Friends;


We invite you to an earth friendly, family friendly event.   Can you think of a better way to spend a balmy Iowa Summer Saturday than exploring the issues of sustainable living in the lush, green and fertile Iowa countryside?   All this, and great Iowa musicians all day long!


The Monthly Meeting for Sustainable Ecological Economic Development (S.E.E.D.) will take place at 2 pm Saturday June 7 on the grounds of the EARTH EXPO north of Iowa City.  The SEED monthly meeting will take place at the SEED Exhibit at EARTH EXPO.



What: Earth Expo 2008…”bringing it all back home”… with the Exodus Music Festival
When: Saturday, June 7, 2008 12:00pm-till the music ends.
Where: Meggar’s Farm
Who: for anyone interested in living green, music and wants to camp. Attendees of this event are invited to camp at the Meggar’s farm


For driving directions to Meggar’s Farm, click on MAP link below;

The primary goals for this year’s event are:



  • To continue to promote local businesses and organizations which contribute to our goal of greener lifestyle.
  • To educate and excite the community about living a “greener” lifestyle and lessoning the carbon footprint
  • To build a strong future by making environmentalism a fun and valued part of people’s lives.


: $12.00 provides you with admission to Earth Expo and the Exodus Music Festival.
Please note that these costs help us keep these events alive. We appreciate your support.Earth Expo will feature…Speakers: Fred Meyer and Sheila Sameulson
                Poetic Rebound Performance Company 
                Allie Dane Petting Zoo and Dane’s Dairy Ice Cream
                Local organizations and businesses will share their work through green exhibit



The Music FESTIVAL will start at noon and go until it ends;

Here is the talent lineup;

School of Flyentology
BF Burt
Nikki Lunden
Miracles of god
12 Canons
Bomb Selleck
Eben Louis
Public Property

                                                       S.E.E.D.  MISSION STATEMENT


Sustainable Ecological Economic Development S.E.E.D. is an Iowa not for profit research and educational organization.


The Mission of Sustainable Ecological Economic Development (S.E.E.D.) is to organize into joint action the diverse community organizations and individuals that are working on various issues and initiatives that relate to a sustainable economy:


1. re-localization of food supply within sustainable agricultural systems

2. initiatives for community based renewable energy

3. design and implement energy conservation systems in the private/public built environment and in public infrastructure.


The purpose of S.E.E.D. is to carry out open public conferences and other educational and research efforts to organize policy makers, educators and the general citizenry of Iowa to organize a “whole systems” approach to building a sustainable society based on ecological economic principles.”


S.E.E.D. is an open system.  We invite individuals and organizational allies to join into this timely effort. It is only through active coalition building with other individuals and organizations that we can build the critical mass for a cultural shift into a sustainable society based on ecological principles.


We set 4 simple yet clear standards for participation and co-sponsorship of S.E.E.D. work;


1. We are non-partisan.  We find common ground for action, not political division.

2. We will not state a problem if we do not have the courage to engage in the work to find a solution.

3. We engage in this group process with mutual honor and respect, utilizing the communication tools.

    of creative conflict resolution and consensus decision making.

4. With the foundation of S.E.E.D, we are engaging our part in an historic global cultural shift to build a just and sustainable society. We have an absolute commitment that this process of deep systemic change will be conducted with the principles of non-violence that have been well defined by seminal global leaders such as Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King.


Any individual or organization that is ready to build a working coalition with S.E.E.D. by utilizing the four principles of action listed above is invited to work with us to build a world wide society where the entire human race will thrive and prosper as we care for the environment that provides our common life support system.    SEED demonstrates how social action is accomplished by getting past the limitations of organizational territoriality that tends to limit the effectiveness of many human organizations. We’ll get much more accomplished by working together.


S.E.E.D. Iowa Office

Cedar Rapids Peace Center

1029 Third Street S.E.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401     Phone; 319-213-2051


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