“Composted” pot

An Iowa City man is taking gardening to a new high, according to this article written by the Iowa City bureau of The Gazette:

Iowa City man: Pot was for compost

IOWA CITY – An Iowa City man arrested for allegedly possessing “several gallon size” and larger bags of marijuana faces up to 5 years and prison and a fine of up to $7,500.

Matthew Aaron Furnish, 30, of 410 Upland Dr., Iowa City, was arrested early Saturday morning at 936 Spring Ridge Dr., Iowa City, for possessing fifty kilograms or less of marijuana with intent to manufacture or deliver, a Johnson County Sheriff complaint states.

Furnish admitted he was aware of the marijuana, claiming he used it as compost, the complaint states.

Possession with the intent to manufacture or deliver fifty kilograms or less of marijuana is a Class D felony punishable by up to 5 years in prison and a fine between $750 and $7,500. Furnish is being held in Johnson County Jail on a $14,300 cash-only bond.

NOTE: I intend to have more on composting in future blog posts, but this is a material I would never have thought to add.

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