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Need a “little something?”

The following information comes from Master Gardener Darrell Hennessey. 


Did you just move to a new or new-to-you home? Need to revitalize your current landscape?  Have a space that needs a “little something”?     Consider dwarf conifers!   A conifer, meaning a woody plant, usually evergreen tree or shrub; “dwarf” meaning the plant will grow only 3-4” per year, will provide you with:


  • Easy care
  • Varieties for either sun or shade
  • Year round greenery  
  • Wonderful for limited spaces
  • Available in wide variety of texture, size and color i.e.,

Rainbow’s End shows butter-yellow tips on new growth against

the green background

Limeglow, a creeping juniper with foliage turning shades of

copper-bronze in the winter

                                    Pendula, a hemlock with weeping branches

                                    Chamaecyparis colors ranging of soft green to spectacular yellow 

·         Shapes vary from airy and feathery to closed and tight-looking

·         Pine cones provide character and material for crafters

·         Mulch well, reduce weeding!

  Dwarf Conifers thrive in rock gardens, add elegance to ornamental grasses and provide a perfect backdrop to colorful annual and perennial beds.  You only need your imagination to enjoy these little wonders!  

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