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Just getting started

Maybe it’s the snow shoveling that’s occupied my time every weekend, (or has it been every other day?) but I’m not as prepared for spring as I normally would be. By this time last year, I had started cabbage and kale seeds indoors and several flowers that are either slow to germinate or need 12 weeks of growth before being transplanted outside. I also give my peas a start inside. They can tolerate almost any outdoor temperature, but by germinating them indoors, you can get a jump on the season when the snow finally clears enough to plant them outside.

Now that we’ve had to spring ahead for daylight saving time, will it actually feel like spring? I know there’s some controversy surrounding the change – that it disrupts the body’s natural circadian rhythm, doesn’t really save energy, etc. But as far as an extra hour of daylight at night, I’ll take it! In fact, I’d prefer to keep daylight saving time year-round. Even though we “gain” an extra hour of sleep in the fall, I’d prefer the tradeoff of keeping that daylight into the night. When you leave work and it’s already dark outside, it gets a bit gloomy. Plus, if there was no change in the fall and in the spring, wouldn’t that keep our natural sleep rhythms in order better than forcing an adjustment every time we have to switch our clocks??

While many of us are tired of the cold and the snow,  I think nature prefers a constant snow cover over a winter that goes through cycles of thawing and freezing, as we’ve seen in recent years. The snow acts as a good insulation for plants and prevents those eager beavers who want to clear out their beds on the first warm day of February or March from doing so. Now, let’s hope that our warmup (it will come, right??) is a gradual one and we don’t jump straight into summer.

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