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Catalog virus

Dedicated gardeners know there’s only one thing to do with a new foot of snow on the ground. Dig out… the catalogs!

With my Bonus corn seed found, thanks to Marlene, I still have a few more seed varieties to order, and an almost endless pile of catalogs to plow through. Once you’re marked as a gardener, supply companies have a way of making your name go viral, so every year, I receive more and more catalogs. Like gardening itself, it can become overly consuming.

Sometimes I give in to the tempting offerings displayed in gorgeous, colorful photos, and order from an unknown company. This year, I’ll try to stick with the old standbys. I’ve had good luck with Jung’s, of Randolph, Wis., over the years. What about you? Any favorites out there, or little-known seed companies or nurseries that shouldn’t be overlooked?

P.S. A huge Thank You to my neighbor, who, without being asked, dug out my driveway yesterday. What an angel!!

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