A Day at the Fair

The Linn County Master Gardeners’ Winter Gardening Fair today started off with a snowy drive, but it was great fun to meet some of the 600 or so people who attended the event at Kirkwood Community College.

I’ll be sharing some of what I learned and I hope you will, too, by adding your comments.  In the meantime, to see some of the photos from Saturday’s Winter Gardening Fair, click here:


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    I just wanted to say “Thank You” to Cindy for visiting our booth and taking pictures of the event. Even though we had a snowy start to the day, it was a successful one for the members of the Iowa Gourd Society. We had many wonderful questions throughout the day as well as at the workshop that lets us know there is an expanding fascination for the hobby of growing gourds and especially decorating them.

    I invite everyone to visit our website and consider becoming a member, you’ll always learn something new in the world of gourds. You don’t have to be an artist to enjoy growing gourds, but after a while and a good crop you’ll be wondering what to do with them next – that’s where the friendships you’ll build with the Iowa Gourd Society comes in.

    Every year at the Winter Gardening Fair people ask if we sell our pieces of art; this year we are proud to announce we now have a new website that displays some of our members work and it will continue to expand every week as more members across the state of Iowa tap into, what is for some, a whole new world outside of craft shows – the internet. You can see and purchase some of the art at:
    http://www.iagsartistsguild.etsy.com. Hope to see you all “next year”.

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