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I’m starting a listing of area gardening events on this blog. If your organization has something scheduled, you can send the information in a message here or via e-mail to me at: 

Here is one coming up this weekend: The state Local Foods Conference will be in Cedar Rapids on Friday and Saturday, Feb. 1-2. The Iowa Network for Community Agriculture’s annual conference will include a showing of the film, “King Corn” on Friday night at the African-American Museum in Cedar Rapids. Topics covered Saturday at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church include micro dairy practices, information for market and CSA gardeners and more, as well as a potluck lunch. The conference offers an opportunity to learn about local and sustainable food systems. There is a fee, depending on how many days you attend and if you are a member or not. For more information, go to: 

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    Marlene said,

    Bonus Corn is available at Park Seed Co.,
    Glad to know you were as happy with it as I was. I won’t be growing it here in Arizona as the corn suitability rating of this soil is zero – ha! That ornamental purple millet seed you gave me is growing in the garage window. I’m leery of putting it in a pot on the patio because I’ve seen two jack rabbits in my backyard. They’re likely to eat the little plants.
    Good luck with the blog – it will be well received by all gardeners, even the arm-chair gardeners like me.

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    Steve Hanken said,

    The lLocal Foods Conference I attended and thought it was a shame the Master Gardners event was at the same time. For those who appreciate good wholesome food, (who doesn’t) it was a great potluck! Attendees came from far and wide through out Iowa, lots of interesting things happening to increase community supported agriculture ventures. Interesting things are planed to make locally grown produce available in venues that will make our vegetable growers more money and places like hospitals and nursing homes fresher and better tasting meals.
    There is movement afoot to increase more available fresh produce for the low income within the city of Cedar Rapids, especially the inner city. Talk has it the city of Cedar Rapids is going to be approached to see if it is possible to utilize all the available redevelopment lands they have (not brown fields obviously) for garden projects. This could be a sizable piece of land, utilized in this way would suppliment many diets.
    I find it a shame neither event got much coverage by any of the news media locally. I do know the Des Moines Register covered the INCA conference. With the growth of organic food in the market place one would think it would attract the attention of many interested in making money.
    I was well satisfied with the conference events and the networking possibilities were excellent. A goodly amount of money was collected at the showing of “KING CORN” for expanding food possibilities and CSA market shares for the needy in Cedar Rapids. As to the film, if you haven’t seen it,you need to. It is both funny and enlightening about what we grow here in Iowa and the problems it is causing.

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